V2 Series Machines


STEPCRAFT V2.0The V2 STEPCRAFT system is available in the 300, 420, 600 and 840 sizes. The Version 2 machines have a number of improvements on their V1 counterparts. The frame is stiffer and more robust. The cable management has been improved. The machines drive electronics power has been increased. The machine is now compatible with other spindles like the Kress...
STEPCRAFT S840 840 x 600 x 140mm
£ 1,245.00 (ex. vat)configurator
STEPCRAFT S600 600 x 420 x 140mm
£ 1,080.00 (ex. vat)configurator
STEPCRAFT S420 420 x 300 x 140mm
£ 780.00 (ex. vat)configurator
STEPCRAFT S300 300 x 210 x 140mm
£ 670.00 (ex. vat)configurator