To assemble the complete package price please add this product to your shopping cart and you should be given a list of the machines and also additional items to add to the cart. These items are all you need to start machining. Please select one of the the machine sizes and then choose from the remaining items recommended for the turnkey package. Notice that once you have added items to the cart you can view each individual item on the right hand side to check what you've added.

Component features:
  • STEPCRAFT turnkey packages | All you need to start machining
  • Please add this product to the cart, select machine size and add the additional products for a fully itemised package breadown
  • STEPCRAFT machine in Kit form with WinPC starter (300/420/600/840)
  • Proxxon / Kress / HF spindle
  • Parallel adaptor module for the UC100
  • UC100 motion controller | for UCCNC control of your STEPCRAFT
  • Starter cutter set | 2 x 2mm end mills | 2 x 3mm end mills | 1 x 60 degree V bit | 1 x 90 degree V bit
  • NOTE: you must choose machine size and other items for full turnkey package
  • Cut2D/VcarveDesktop | Make sure you understand the difference between the Pro and Desktop Versions
UCCNC Vcarve Kress
£ 0.01 (ex. vat)configurator
UCCNC Cut2D Kress
£ 0.01 (ex. vat)configurator