STEPCRAFT cutter holder | Drag knife

The STEPCRAFT Cutter holder | Drag Knife fits direclty into the 43mm collar of the STEPCRAFT machine. The device holds a small knife that is free to move inside a bearing. The movement of the STEPCRAFT CNC machine during operation keeps the knife tangential to the cutting direction. Carbide knives are available for the cutter holder. 30 degree cutter is suited for very thin foils, the 45 degree cutter is suitable for thin materials up to 0.5mm, and the 60 degree cutter is suitable for materials thicker than 0.5mm. The adjustment dial is used to control the depth. You have to be careful when operting the knife to get good results. The results require good bed setup and correct Z axis adjustment during operation.

Component features:
  • Adjustable Knife holder
  • Works with a machine with a spindle mounting collar of 43mm
  • Knife is aligned with 2 ball bearings
  • Weight of unit is 220g
  • 1 x Knife holder
  • 1 x Cutter 45 degrees
STEPCRAFT Cutter holder Drag Knife
£ 80.00 (ex. vat)
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