4th axis drive card

The 4th axis drive card connects to the standard STEPCRAFT control electronics card and enables the STEPCRAFT machine to control the 4th axis rotary table. No modifications are required - just plug in the module, plug in the rotary table and the STEPCRAFT machine can control the 4th axis rotarty table. NOTE: You need a controller that can support 4 axis control. For full 4 axis machining you will need a way of generating 4 axis Gcode.

Component features:
  • 4th axis drive card
  • Plugs into standard STEPCRAFT control electronics
  • Access to connection at the back of the machine
  • Connection allows control of the 4th axis fixture
  • Never unplug the rotary table when the machine is powered up
4th axis drive card
£ 65.00 (ex. vat)