4th axis main rotary unit

The 4th axis rotary table mechanism is the main driving unit for 4 axis milling. The 4th axis is controlled by a stepper motor in the same way X Y and Z are and can be programmed for cylindrical work pieces. The chuck is used to mount the work into the rotating fixture. A tail stock can be used to support longer workpieces. The table is designed to fix to the Tslot bed of the STEPCRAFT machines. When considering the 4th axis you need extra information and settings in the machine software profile. You also need a way of generating 4 axis toolpaths. You will need the 4th axis drive control card, the 4th axis rotary table, and the option of using the tail stock.

Component features:
  • Chuck centre height from mounted surface 32mm
  • Overall fixture height 55mm
  • Width: 42 mm (without Shaft and Chuck etc)
  • Anti-backlash worm gear (adjustable)
  • Half-Step-Mode= 21.600Steps/Turn, 60Steps/°, 1Step=1´=60"
  • Collets: ER16 (1-12 mm)
  • Circular accuracy: 0.01 mm
  • Nema 17 Stepper Motor with 3.0A 1.8°
  • Housing: aluminium 7075
  • Horizontal or vertical assembly
  • Fixing by M6 screws
  • Built in reference switch
  • Complete circular table incl. clamping nut and fixing screws for horizontal assembly.
  • NOTE 4th Axis control card required for operation
4th axis main rotary unit
£ 295.00 (ex. vat)