Mill-it-Milling Machines

Mill-it-Series Mill-it-MEGA

Mill-it-Series Mill-it-MEGAThe Mill-it-Mega is now formally ready for release. The machine has been in development for 2 years and is largely driven by customer feedback. The high performance Mill-it-Mega CNC milling machine is now available for pre-order. This machine is designed to make Aluminium prototypes fast and accurately with exceptional surface finish...
MIll-it-Mega CNC system
£ 10,850.00 (ex. vat)configurator

Mill-it-Series Mill-it-Mini

Mill-it-Series Mill-it-MiniThe Mill-it-Mini CNC milling machine is designed to be dekstop size with very high performance and accuracy. The machine has a travel size of 100mm in Y, 150mm in X(with the option of 400mm) and 150mm in Z. The machine can be configured with the popular Kress spindle - or a three phase HF spindle similar to the systems we use on our high performance routers
Mill-it-Mini CNC system
£ 3,950.00 (ex. vat)configurator

Mill-it-Mini X travel upgrade to 400mm

Mill-it-Mini X travel upgrade to 400mmOptional increase in the X travel of the mini mill to 400mms from the standard 150mm.
mill-it-mini 400mm X travel upgrade
£ 200.00 (ex. vat)

Safety Enclosure for the Mill-it-Mini

Safety Enclosure for the Mill-it-MiniSafety enclosure for the Mill-it-Mini CNC milling system. The enclosure is made from aluminium frame, and polycarbonate panels. The case can be configured to be fully integrated with the machine with cross beams on base.
Mill-it-Mini safety enclsoure
£ 950.00 (ex. vat)