AR16 4foot x 4foot

The AXIOM AR16 Elite series is an affordable fully standalone machine based around the 4ft x 4ft travel specification. The machine runs on high powered AC servos.

Component features:
  • Aluminium Tslot table and MDG spoil board fitted
  • Fully standalone steel core carcass frame
  • 20mm Ballscrew drives on XY and Z
  • Supported linear rails on XY and Z
  • Full robust cable management system on XY and Z
  • 8000mm/min XY travel rapid feed
  • High powered HF water cooled spindle
  • Travel size 1220 x 1220
  • High accelerations allow for rapid cycle times
Axiom AR16 4ft x 4ft
£ 12,000.00 (ex. vat)