Vacuum Tables

Aluminium polyethylene Series L X W

Aluminium polyethylene Series L X Wthe tables are made of an Aluminium/polyethylene/Aluminium sandwich. The suction holes are 0.3mm diameter into the zones in the table. As a result with the correct pump you do not need to cover all of the table in order to get good results. The pump choice is very important for good performancew...
200 x 200 mm table
£ 85.00 (ex. vat)configurator
300 x 200 mm table
£ 95.00 (ex. vat)configurator
450 x 300 mm table
£ 195.00 (ex. vat)configurator
600 x 400 mm table
£ 285.00 (ex. vat)configurator
600 x 600mm table
£ 385.00 (ex. vat)configurator
1000 x 600 mm table
£ 650.00 (ex. vat)configurator