Pump systems

Single phase Vacuum system

Single phase Vacuum systemNOTE: you cannot use a vacuum table with a standard vacuum cleaner for any significant duration of time. It is a fire hazard. The pump system shown here includes a vacuum pump designed to work under pressure (which is what is needed to good vacuum clamping) for prolonged periods of use. The package also comes with all the necessary under pressure and safety connections...
0.75kW vacuum solution
£ 752.00 (ex. vat)configurator
1.5kW Vacuum solution
£ 852.00 (ex. vat)configurator

Pressure Measurement for Vacuum pump

Pressure Measurement for Vacuum pumpThis package has all the fittings needed to add pressure measurement to your vacuum system. this allows you to see the underpressure level in your vacuum system.
Pressure measuremet for vacuum system
£ 180.00 (ex. vat)