ENTRY LEVEL Up cut double flute 1/8th inch shank

The dual fluted up cut spiral cutters with 1/8th inch shank come in cutting diameters of 1mm, 2mm and 3mm. It is best to use a 1/8th inch collet to load these cutters into your machine

Component features:
  • Entry Level Carbide-End Mill
  • Double-Flute
  • Fishtail Bottom
  • Up-Cut Spiral
  • Available as ø1mm, ø2mm and ø3mm
  • ENTRY LEVEL cutter
Entry Level 2mm Up cut 1/8th inch shank
£ 5.50 (ex. vat)
Entry Level 3mm Up cut 1/8th inch shank
£ 5.50 (ex. vat)