Down cut milling

End Mill for plastics

End Mill for plasticsCutters specifically sourced for quality stable machining of plastics.
Endmill for Plastics 6.00mm Short CL=18mm
£ 30.00 (ex. vat)
Endmill for Plastics 3.00mm
£ 18.00 (ex. vat)

Down cut 1/8th inch shank

Down cut 1/8th inch shankThe dual fluted down cut spiral cutters with 1/8th inch shank come in cutting diameters of 1mm, 2mm and 3mm. It is best to use a 1/8th inch collet to load these cutters into your machine
2mm Down cut 1/8th inch shank
£ 6.00 (ex. vat)
3mm Down cut 1/8th inch shank
£ 6.00 (ex. vat)

Down cut dual flute CD CL SD

Down cut dual flute CD CL SDThese cutters are coated with anti-stick, heat resistant coating. The coating results in safer, cleaner and quieter cutting as well as longer cutter life. The cutters have computer engineered shear and radial relief angles for optimal chip removal and greater cutting efficiency...
Downcut 1/4inch (CD) 3/4inch (CL) 1/4inch (SD)
£ 16.75 (ex. vat)
Downcut 5mm (CD) 20mm (CL) 1/4inch (SD)
£ 15.45 (ex. vat)