Ball Nose

Small ballnose Cutter

Small ballnose Cutter3mm shank ballnose comes in 1mm 2mm and 3mm cutting head radii.
1mm ballnose 3mm shank
£ 8.60 (ex. vat)
2mm ballnose 3mm shank
£ 8.50 (ex. vat)
3mm ballnose 3mm shank
£ 8.50 (ex. vat)

Solid Carbide 1/4inch x 1inch 1/4 inch shank

Solid Carbide 1/4inch x 1inch 1/4 inch shankSolid Carbide 1/4inch x 1inch 1/4 inch shank. Designed for 3D relief machining. Well suited for timbers.
General purpose ballnose 1/4 inch
£ 22.50 (ex. vat)

Short Ballnose Endmill

Short Ballnose EndmillThis short ballnose tool is used for 3D milling. This cutter is also available in a longer version. This tool is used where more stability is required and the tool can read deep enough to machine the part in question. The longer version has the same geometry, but is longer, and therefore doesn't have the same stiffness/stability.
Short Ballnose 6.00mm
£ 28.00 (ex. vat)

Long Ballnose Endmill

Long Ballnose EndmillThis longer ballnose has more reach than the shorter ballnose and is therefore less stable. But you get deeper reach and the freedom to machine more complex/deeper shapes
Long ballnose cutter 6.00mm
£ 38.00 (ex. vat)